Dino Armagan

Dino has worked with a wide range of organisations delivering Personal Safety and Conflict Management, in the early days of his career he worked with County Court staff, Bedfordshire Health Authority and large corporate companies such as large Financial Banking Institutions.

For over 15 years Dino has been specialising within the Social Care sector where he teaches Conflict Management, the understanding of body language, de-escalation skills, break-away techniques and physical restraint. Dino has worked across a wide range of the Social Care sector including specialist secure children’s units, units for dementia and he has delivered training to lone social workers who visit potentially volatile individuals.

Through the combined efforts of the commissioning organisations and Dino’s delivery, in some cases, there has been a confirmed 70% decrease in staff having to deal with Challenging Behaviour and a noticeable reduction in staff assaults.

Due to his experiences within the social care setting Dino has gained an extensive understanding of human behaviour and the causes of behavioural changes. Dino is a recognised trainer with the British Institute of Learning Difficulties (BILD).

For over 10 years, Dino has been involved in the training of Police Officers in Conflict Management, Body Language, Physical Restraint and Mechanical Restraints. He has experience with conflict situations ranging from minor disagreements to violent incidents, which he has often diffused. Dino firmly believes that with the right communication skills anyone will often be able to de-escalate most scenarios.  This is something that he reflects on many of his courses.

Dino is a high graded Judo Black Belt spending most of his contest career at the world famous Budokwai in London, training with the British Team. He also holds numerous national medals in Judo and has also helped and guided International Judo Players in their careers. Dino is also an expert in Taiho-Jutsu, Police Self Defence system. His expertise in Judo and Taiho Jutsu has enabled him to understand body mechanics and how to control a subject without causing injury.


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